The 360 Community Management team is dedicated to provide a full array of property management services. With 360 on board, your owners and Board of Directors will be heard.

Our management program is customized to the diverse needs of each community. We understand that demographics and cultures vary from corporation to corporation. We listen to your needs, value your input and acknowledge your feedback. With that, we strive to build positive relationships among the residents, boards and managers in order to develop a harmonious community.

Residents managed by 360 Community Management are proud to call their community their home.

We Are ACMO-2000 Certified

Chris Antipas, R.C.M., A.C.C.I.
Chris Antipas is recognized and respected within the condominium property management industry and has been influential in the development, education and regulation of condominium property management services. Chris Antipas is not only considered a foremost expert in condominium management needs but also continues to be active as a member of ACMO’s Certification and Standards Committee, Professional Development Committee, ACMO/ CCI-T Conference Committee and Scholarship Committee among others. Chris Antipas is also a member of the Condominium Management Standards Council (CMSC), which oversees the ACMO 2000 Certification program. Chris Antipas holds both the R.C.M. (Registered Condominium Management) and ACCI (Associate of the Canadian Condominium Institute) designations. In 2011, Chris was awarded the R.C.M. of the Year award by ACMO for his commitment and dedication to the condominium community.

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